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Sewage Treatment Conversion Units

The MANTAIR range of sewage treatment conversion units provide a discrete, reliable and cost effective solution to sewage treatment for domestic dwellings and small scale commercial and industrial premises without mains drainage, but where an existing septic tank or cesspool is present.

Supplied to site as a purpose made singe unit, the MANTAIR unit fits into the existing septic tank or cesspool, effectively converting it into a small sewage treatment plant and no further filters or soakaway’s are therefore necessary.

The long established principle of aerobic purifications at the heart of the Mantair™  system. Aeration of waste sewage encourages the growth of aerobic bacteria which degrades the sewage. The effluent produced complies with the requirements of the Environment Agency, for England and Wales, and Scottish Environment Protection Agency for discharge direct to a natural watercourse.


  • It's the most economically installed treatment system in the UK;
  • Does not require the installation of any tankage, thus avoiding the disturbance of established gardens;           
  • The treatment plant is completely hidden from view;
  • Designed to produce an effluent in compliance with the Regulating Authorities;
  • Peace of mind with a lifetime Process Guarantee;
  • The efficient air blower is both quiet and economical with low running costs;
  • Integral surge control system;
  • Works in high water table areas; 
  • It requires less than two hours maintenance per year;

Unique Design

The MANTAIR™  Conversion unit is the only sewage treatment unit in the UK which converts existing tanks into sewage treatment plants. Each Mantair™  Conversion unit is purpose-built to suit the depth, diameter, invert depth and access shaft of the existing tank.

How does it work?

The Mantair™ Conversion Unit is powered by a small air blower, which can be located in either an existing outbuilding or in a 'Beehive' – a purpose built blower housing designed to blend into the natural setting.

The blower can be located up to 25 metres from the MANTAIR™ Conversion Unit and is powered by domestic 240v electrical supply. It is a connected to the unit by a small bore MDPE pipe concealed underground. The blower provides the air that is required for the treatment process and to lift the treated effluent to the discharge point.

Installation and Commissioning

The first stage is to carry out an initial survey of your existing tank. This enables us to determine the condition of the tank and to ascertain the dimensions required by MANTAIR™ to manufacture your unit. Each conversion unit is custom built.

  The second stage is the on – site installation. The MANTAIR™ unit when installed stands on the floor of the existing tank. The tank must therefore be emptied and all debris removed from the floor of the tank prior to the installation taking place.

  On the majority of sites only minor civil engineering works need to be carried out. This minimises the disturbance to established gardens.  Finally the unit is commissioned by our operatives, to ensure optimum operational effectiveness, of your MANTAIR™ unit.


The Mantair™ Conversion Unit is simpler to maintain then most other treatment plants as there are not electrical, mechanical or moving parts within the underground treatment zone.

Technical information on the MANTAIR range of sewage treatment conversion units is available at


Mantair™ Conversion Units are professionally installed by one of our Licensed Contractors;

 Mantair™ Units are not available through wholesale or retail outlets;

All Licensed Contractors offer a comprehensive service. This includes an initial site survey, guidance and advice on system selection., complete installation and commissioning of your treatment plant and full after sales service.  

 A mantair sewage system

Get your Mantair Conversion purpose built for your property by calling 0800 085 6076 today.

A man replacing a sewage system in a garden

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